Mara Venier angrily calls La Vita in Diretta: “Your cynicism towards Gina Lollobrigida is appalling”

Mara Venier angrily calls La Vita in Diretta: “Your cynicism towards Gina Lollobrigida is appalling”

The presenter turns on the phone during the show, railing against guest Marisella Federici and her skeptical attitude towards Gina Lollobrigida’s relationship with Andrea Piazzolla: “What do you know about Gina, how Andrea has been close to her in recent years?

Mara Venier angrily calls La Vita in Diretta Your cynicism

Mara Venier intervenes Live the life and hits the Countess Marisela Federici, as a guest in the studio of Alberto Matano. The theme is the life of Gina Lollobrigida, a few hours before whose funeral was celebrated in Rome after the death of the diva at the age of 95. The program was about the last years of Gina Lollobrigida’s life and in particular about the bond with Andrea Piazzolla.

While Giovanna Ralli and Pino Strabioli spoke of Piazzolla’s very positive presence, Marisela Federici was less forgiving, speaking of a “tragicomic situation” that was emerging skeptical about the interest of Andrea Piazzolla near Lollobrigida.

Speech by Mara Venier live

A few minutes later came the live call from Mara Venier, who has been very close to Lollobrigida in recent years and who has interviewed her several times about Domenica In: “I would like to know more about the attitude of Marisela Federici, who spoke about the tragicomic situation has. You look Marisela there is nothing funny about this story maybe you are just laughing I see you are laughing I assure you it does not make people who loved Gina laugh we have lived it for so many years that we have the pain of “Yes, but don’t cry,” Federici replies provocatively, feeling the emotion in Venier’s voice. “I’m not crying at all, your cynicism appalls me,” the presenter replied. “Thanks for the horror, but everyone has a way to see the truth,” Federici replied. A truth that Mara Venier disagrees with:

Fiorello reads out a live message received from Mara Venier: “You cheer me up, I have Covid”

It’s not your truth, what do you know that at the mansion you have dinners of truth, pain and suffering. What do you know about Gina as Andrea has been close to Gina over the years? I find you a very cynical person in this situation.

The clarification Alberto Matano

“But I don’t understand why you have to be so upset,” Marisela Federici’s answer, “Being close to a person is different than having a person on TV. I was close to you at dinners where Gina told you about her intimacy.” At this point, Venier angrily decided to end the call: “But what are you saying? But you weren’t there… I’m goodbye, hello everyone” .

After the call, Alberto Matano tried to clarify and lower the level of confrontation. “However, it shouldn’t be offensive – said Federici – I know the other side of the coin, but since these are personal aspects, I’m not here to give an opinion, but my personal opinion.”