1672677511 Mara Venier after Covid quotThis is how I started the

Mara Venier after Covid: "This is how I started the year…"

Mara Venier after Covid quotThis is how I started the

After Covid and the Christmas episodes about Domenica in, Mara Venier started the year well, as the moderator herself admitted in an Instagram story: “Start the year with jaio the sleeping in bed with grandma it’s fantastic.” Aunt Mara then shared a photo of her nephew on social media Klausson of Paolo Capponi and Isabella Peretti, in his Latvian. Venier became a grandmother for the second time 15 years after birth Julius Longarison of Elizabeth Ferracini. And it was precisely the birth of little Claudio that enabled her to come to terms with the loss of her mother.

I'll tell you how it really is.  Mara Venier, Platinette's Confession

Not only. Mara Venier was finally able to hug her husband again Nicholas CarraroShe has returned from Santo Domingo to spend the holidays with her, even if the presenter’s positivity with Covid has caused problems. And then he received all his loved ones and closest friends at home for New Year’s Eve. Alberto Matano, host of La vita live, his great friend, with her husband Riccardo Mannino, was also on his now very famous Roman terrace. The presenter dedicated the last episode of Sunday to exactly the couple in an exciting video that resumed their magnificent marriage.