Mara Cries for Lollo: Controversy Over the Interview (And Legacy)

La Venier in tears at Domenica In for the “Bersagliera”. But the interview with Andrea Piazzolla, which attacks the judges, causes discussions. And it’s war against will

Published on: January 23, 2023 15:35:00Gina Lollobrogida

Source: Rai Press Office

On Sunday afternoon, January 22nd, Mara Venier wanted to dedicate the episode to Domenica In a Gina Lollobrigida, an icon of Italian cinema that disappeared a few days ago. The presenter, a good friend of the actress, hosted in the studio of Rai 1 some of the people who were close to Lollo until the last days of her life; also among them Andrew Piazzolla, assistant to the diva. However, his presence also sparked some controversy.

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Mara Venier moved to Domenica In

In fact, there were some people, especially on social media, who were wondering why Mara Venier hadn’t limited herself to celebrating Gina Lollobrigida for being extraordinary careerinstead of interviewing people like Piazzolla. The latter is under investigation Circumvention of the incapacitated and brought Domenica in his testimony; The lack of one is also up for discussion contradictory during the interview, which the network described as “unpronounceable”. The moderator was to be defended Franzis Alottaalso a guest of the episode who revealed one background: “Mara, you are not only good, but a real person. you moved me You couldn’t stop crying, even when the cameras were off, as you thought of poor Gina Lollobrigida’s miserable life in her final years…Tvb! Your success truly lies in your truth and simplicity that goes straight to the heart.”

The controversy over Andrea Piazzolla

Despite the emotions of Mara Venier, Andrea Piazzolla was undoubtedly the protagonist of the episode of Domenica In, who spoke harsh words to Gina Lollobrigida’s son and ex-husband. Milko Skofic and Francisco Javier Rigau. The actress’ assistant also blamed him justice Italian: “The most serious thing and I take responsibility for what I say is that there is a part of justice that is good and another part that leaks everywhere. I have respect for justice, but I think that respect for Gina is lacking … When someone is doing very well, how can you take away a lawyer and give him the partner of the law firm’s employee who defended Milko as his lawyer? impose on his son Dimitri and Rigau, who in turn appoints the same as one of Rigau’s advisors? Gina tried with all her might to object, but it was a kind of fight against windmills.” So, with Lollo’s death, a long one began litigation regarding his inheritance. Piazzolla himself and his son Milko Skofic are involved: In the absence of a will, the inheritance would undoubtedly go to the son; but the diva left a signed document that could alter the cards on the table. As he waits for the notary to read the will, the only certainty is that Rigau, speaking to Storie Italiane today, said he was in no way interested in his ex-wife’s fortune.

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