Mar  a  Lago Invasion: FBI Searches Trump’s Florida Property

Mar a Lago Invasion: FBI Searches Trump’s Florida Property

“My beautiful home, Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida is currently under siege, search and occupation by a large group of FBI agents,” Trump wrote Monday night (local time) on the network that he co-founded. Social Truth.

“This unannounced invasion of my home was neither necessary nor appropriate,” Trump continued. “Even” his safe was opened. Trump called the process “political persecution” and an attack by “radical left-wing Democrats”. He likened the search to the Watergate scandal that forced then US President Richard Nixon to resign in 1974. Media reported that the FBI had completed the search Monday night (local time). Trump is said to have not been home during the campaign.

Trump supporters in front of the Mar-a-Lago property in Palm Beach, Florida

Portal/Marco Bello Trump supporters protested outside the property during the operation

Heavily Accused at Capitol Storm Hearings

Recently, the former president was heavily incriminated by witnesses at the investigative committee’s public hearings on the Capitol Hill attack. Trump knew the protesters were armed on January 6, 2021 and deliberately sent them to Capitol Hill. Recently, there was mounting evidence that the Justice Department was investigating Trump’s own behavior surrounding the 2020 presidential election and the invasion of the Capitol. The question is whether Attorney General Merrick Garland could take criminal action against Trump.

However, the search of Trump’s house now appears to be linked to something else. Trump has been accused of withholding files and documents from his time in the White House. New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman even reported that Trump flushed documents down the toilet during his presidency. Trump rejected this. On Monday, photos finally surfaced to prove it.

Attack on Trump’s Florida home

The FBI searched the Florida home of former US President Donald Trump. According to media reports, the suit is related to Trump’s handling of files and documents from his time in the White House. Trump himself was not present at the action, but was outraged by it on social media.

Documents taken to Mar-a-Lago?

There was anger mainly because Trump allegedly took documents to Mar-a-Lago that allegedly contained classified national security information. Also, in the US, all correspondence from the President is archived and kept for posterity. This is required by law.

Trump, however, reportedly took 15 boxes full of government documents, memorabilia, gifts and letters from the White House to his Florida home after his term. According to media, these included letters from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and a letter from Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama.

Trump eventually turned over several documents to the National Archives and Records Administration and confirmed this at the time. However, the judiciary would have opened an investigation. A search of a former president’s property requires authorization from the highest level of the Department of Justice. Justice Department officials declined to comment on any aspect of the search warrant, the New York Times reported.

“A Strange Day”

Trump attended a scheduled event with ultra-conservative former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin by phone Monday night (local time). She wants to be elected a member of the US House of Representatives in the fall congressional elections. According to the paper, “Another day in paradise” and “That was a strange day” was all Trump said about the events. Leading Republican Kevin McCarthy said he would launch an investigation at the Justice Department if Republicans win a majority in the House of Representatives in the congressional elections.

Trump had recently flirted with running again in the 2024 presidential election. However, he has yet to announce his candidacy. Observers speculated that Trump could soon announce a candidacy because of pressure from the Capitol Committee’s investigations. The candidacy would be a way of dismissing investigations against him as politically motivated. In his statement, he now complained that Democrats wanted to prevent him from running again in 2024.