Manuela Carriero responds to criticism after returning with Luciano

Manuela Carriero responds to criticism after returning with Luciano

Manuela Carriero and Luciano Punzo are back together. The couple, who met in the latest issue of Temptation Island, made peace after a powerful crisis that led them to separate. In the course of a tragi-comic direct Instagram, the woman, who had left her former historian Stefano Sirena for the former seducer of the reality show moderated by Filippo Bisciglia, had made the man a kind of either-aut and declared that it was time to end.

Obviously, Luciano took Manuela Carriero’s “threat” literally after the calimocho, or rather the video of peace, appeared on social media yesterday morning. A reconciliation that seems to have caused some users to turn up their noses. In fact, there have been several criticisms of the pair, particularly the carriero.

A follower pointed out to Manuela that she said she would stop posting photos and stories with Luciano:

Forgive me, but didn’t you say that you stopped posting photos and stories with Luciano in the last few months because you understood the importance of privacy? Your current behavior shows that you just broke up. So you couldn’t post anything. Now suddenly the much vaunted privacy is gone.

The recreation of the former face of Temptation Island:

Dearest lady, actually those exact words never came out of my mouth. Since we can’t argue forever here, I tell her that she probably won’t see photos and videos as often as she used to. Personal reasons! I hope I was exhaustive!

Another user claimed to have seen the uninformed couple:

Let’s have a coffee together, you know us and then you tell me. The reality is that we are the same. Unfortunately, you don’t really know the people from social networks.

To someone else, it was all a farce. Manuela Carriero responded piquedly to this opinion:

She is free to think whatever she wants. We accept all opinions. However, I don’t know of any couple who never left or had a fight. Everything seems normal to me. Because it is more exposed, it is normal for people to notice and comment.

Lady, don’t you post your boyfriend’s videos? What could be pathetic? And what did you do on August 15?