Manuel Marrero will have a special meeting with Sergey Lavrov       in Russia

Manuel Marrero will have a special meeting with Sergey Lavrov in Russia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will meet with Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrerothe Executive Vice President of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez Y the special representative of Nicaragua for Russia parallel to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF, for its English acronym), which will be held in this city of the Eurasian country from Wednesday.

Kremlin spokeswoman for foreign affairs María Zajárova indicated in her weekly press conference that Lavrov will also meet with Prime Minister of the Central African Republic Félix Molua, EFE reported.

During the forum, which will last until Saturday, among the conferences on Thursday there is one dedicated to relations between Russia and Latin America.

Rodríguez, Nicaraguan Finance Minister Iván Adolfo Acosta Montalván and Central American Parliament (Parlacen) President Daniel Ortega Reyes will attend.

According to the program of the forum, the President of the Central Bank of Venezuela, Calixto Ortega, and the Director General for Systems, Technologies and Development of the Central Bank of Cuba, Alberto Quiñones, also traveled to Saint Petersburg.

According to the official Prensa Latina, which does not mention Marrero’s presence in Russia, Cuban Deputy Prime Minister Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz will also attend the meetingwho has just attended the annual meeting between Havana and the Paris Club in France.

Last June 3rd Zajárova pointed out that in the 25th edition of SPIEF “the development of cooperation between Russia and Latin America will have its place”.

“The Latin American part of the upcoming forum will focus on discussing new forms of interaction. It is important that the Latin American and Caribbean countries that have not joined the anti-Russian sanctions are our reliable economic partners.”he underlined.

“We assume that we will develop these relations in the interests of the peoples,” Zajárova stressed, underscoring Moscow’s decision to develop these relations to the extent that every country in the Latin American region is ready.

Vladimir Putin’s adviser on international affairs Yuri Ushakov, confirmed the participation in the forum of official delegations from more than 40 countries, including Armenia and Kazakhstan, led by their presidents. the official He stressed that official representatives of “enemy countries” with Russia will not be present.

The meeting comes days after Vladimir Putin formally announced a moratorium until 2027 on paying a million-dollar debt Havana owes Moscow. Even after the National Assembly of Nicaragua approved the entry of Russian soldiers and military equipment into that country between July and December.

Havana, Caracas and Managua are Moscow’s closest allies in Latin America. All three governments supported the invasion of Ukraine and they have allied themselves with the Kremlin in international forums, against the majority of the international community, which in bodies such as the UN General Assembly or the organization’s Human Rights Council itself has condemned the aggression and called for the attacks to cease.