Måneskin, Damiano with the skirt overwhelms Tokyo.  Farewell to the group is far away

Måneskin, Damiano with the skirt overwhelms Tokyo. Farewell to the group is far away

Damian David“Thank you.” That was enough to create panic and envision a future maneskin without its leader. And yes, because just like his girlfriend Giorgia Soleri, the artist doesn’t like labels. Not even those reminiscent of his group. Saying goodbye is unlikely, if not impossible, as the band has flown to Japan for their first major concert in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Måneskin in Tokyo, Damiano provokes with the skirt

If it were different than it is, it wouldn’t be Damiano David. Provocative by birth and a professional singer, the artist stunned audiences, capturing himself on Instagram with a ‘wide blue skirt combined with a crop top with a pink bow on the chest. To complete the job, it was her usual tousled hair and eye makeup, now her trademark.

But where does the fear of a possible Farewell to the group? The answer is simple, almost obvious. As is well known, Damiano and his partner Giorgia Soleri adopted an abused kitten that is being sheltered by the Oasi Felina di Pianoro. They called him Ziggy Dardustin honor of David Bowie and like him he has different colored eyes. Word spread quickly, but David didn’t like the fact that his name was Damiano of the Måneskin. His piqued answer was not long in coming: “Damiano David, thank you”.

Would this be a sign of farewell to the group? Certainly not. there The band is tighter than ever and enjoys all the well-deserved success after the incredible victory at the Festival of Sanremo 2021. Shut up and good, they would say, who have no intention of parting at such a bright moment of their career.

Of course, the band is not only the voice, but also the soul and the pen. They really wanted him, after his voice growth unbelievable, and to lose him now would be an irreparable loss. The idea of ​​a solo career it doesn’t even enter the mind of Damiano, who in fact never spoke of it.

The Måneskin to conquer the world

A rapidly growing success that doesn’t seem to want to stop. That artistic path of Måneskin It was built bit by bit, after not winning the X Factor and a series of catchphrases that began to say a lot about her through the verses written for the songs. From Sanremo it was a blast, but the world tour started with it Winning the Eurovision Song Contestin the first post-Covid issue.

In the US they even opened the Rolling Stones concert personal thanks from Mick Jaggerand are ready to return to New York for the monumental Global Citizen Festival September. On their incredible ride to stardom, they certainly haven’t forgotten about Italy. On July 9, 2022, their first concert took place in the Circus Maximus, in which even one of the participants took part Angelina Jolie along with his daughter Shilohnow a teenager and becoming more and more like her.