Mane Skin, “Rush!”  Preview of the new album: Cocaine, Stalker and Rock’n’Roll are getting rougher than ever

Mane Skin, “Rush!” Preview of the new album: Cocaine, Stalker and Rock’n’Roll are getting rougher than ever

by Andrea Laffranchi

We listened to the Roman band’s third album, which will be released around the world on Friday. Her path to worldwide success has passed around 7 billion streams

Cool kids don’t like rock because they listen to trap and pop. That’s what Mneskin joke about on Cool Kids, a song with a post-punk attitude from Rush!, the third album of their career, which is due out worldwide on Friday. The four managed to make a genre that seemed to be on the way out cool again. Her path to global success, which began with victory at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 and has spanned around 7 billion streams worldwide, now faces the most difficult test, that of confirmation.

A dozen unreleased songs (in addition to the singles already released last year) that confirm their rock soul. There wasn’t the tweaking to the edges that many feared given the presence in the studio alongside Fabrizio Ferraguzzo (who is also the band’s manager) of Max Martin, the producer who has worked for everyone from Britney to the Backstreet Boys to Katy Perry has shaped the sound of pop for the last 25 years. Songs by Rush! They’re raw, tense rock with that space for solos and instrumental moments that the logic of streaming seems to have killed. The references are varied, from the funk rock of the red Hot Chili Peppers to post-punk, from the Zeroes’ garage to 90’s Brit-pop. Linguistically, English wins (with Cool Kids also with a clear British accent), but three songs in Italian also go worldwide.

We have them at Teatro d’ira vol. 1, the disc that contained the shut up and the good that crowned it in Sanremo and Eurovision: Damiano David, Vic De Angelis, Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio were boys angry at the world with that anger that out of the urgency of twenty years, this desire to scream that you’re the wrong ones, still thinking in old-fashioned ways. Here the four accompany us into the world of sex, drugs and rock and roll into which they were catapulted after the global explosion and from the observation of which reflections and self-analysis are born.

There are sex nights like Baby Said or Feel where cocaine is spilled on the table. Even if the cool kids mentioned above don’t do drugs, just weed. Blah blah blah has a Blur-like attitude and a heartbreaking rhythm, just like the night they spent with the girl who’s also attracted to white powder by a guy who said they were a crap band. And it’s not clear if this rematch is more fun or the ego trip of kissing my butt because I’ve got a billion streams. Not all ruin and temptation. There is also an awareness of how wrong this shiny world is. the story of Gossip, the recently released single featuring the feat of Tom Morello, former Rage Against the Machine guitarist, more than an inspiration for the band. A photo of the Los Angeles they’ve moved to, a city of lies where everyone pretends to be better than they are: just a mask, hiding the dirt under the carpet, and serving up the American dream as a cocktail.

One plane after the other, contracts to sign, a run-in that doesn’t make so much sense when she stays in some time zone and 7,000 miles away (roughly the one between Rome and Los Angeles) and touches you while you dream of to escape and love her in the same night, accompanied by the romantic vintage echoes of a power ballad like Timezone. The report also has the stalkers well narrated, this time in Italian, by Mark Chapman, the maniac who killed John Lennon, who keeps you on the edge of suspense with a edgy riff. The story of this piece of reality leaves room for the world in the dark atmospheres of Gasoline: the completion of a piece released for a pro-Ukraine campaign, a portrait of a bloodthirsty madman who holds the fate of the world in his hands in-depth analysis of the fuck Putin shouted on stage. While waiting for the concerts, the first Italian date is in Pesaro on the 23rd, there is a collective wedding. The invitation is here, with the fours on the wedding cake. The celebrant Alessandro Michele, former Gucci genius. the disc launch party, tomorrow in rome, of course in style, kinky rock in love, a bit of perversion, a bit of love.

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