1692893302 Manco and his regrets after his excesses as a footballer

Manco and his regrets after his excesses as a footballer: "Now I could drink mate with Messi"

Manco and his regrets after his excesses as a footballer

Reimond Manco He is one of the soccer players who were considered promising in Peruvian soccer. After a brief spell at Alianza Lima earlier in his career, ‘Rei’ arrived in the Netherlands in 2008 to play for PSV. At that time he was only 17 years old. Then his career hit a crisis where he returned to the country to play for a national club and then returned abroad while making headlines on some TV channels for his excesses.

In a recent interview, the national midfielder once again spoke about the mistakes he made that in some ways cost him his professional career. one arm He asserted that he has never had a problem with alcohol and that the main problem he has is his ego.

“My big problem was ego. The word ego includes believing you are the owner of reason, believing that everything you do is right and no one can tell you anything, that you don’t pay attention to the people who love you.” And you push her away so it doesn’t bother you. That was my big problem. I did that and everyone celebrated me, and I didn’t realize I was gradually throwing away a career I’d made so “I’ve made a lot of sacrifices since I was a kid,” he said on the streaming show “Cojo y Manco”.

It says in the Exjotita that he usually advises his children not to make the same mistakes he did, and he was honest when he said it Had he dedicated himself 100% to football, he might have had a pal with Messi at some point.

“When I sit down at the table with my kids, I tell them not to make the mistakes I made because I was the dumbest thing in the world because I was self-centered and I thought I had it all, though I had achieved nothing.” “If I had done it, maybe after 15 years of my career I would sit down with Lionel Messi. It’s difficult to talk about yourself,” he said.