Mananera Lopez Obrador Topics of the Conference on February 17

‘Mañanera’ López Obrador: Topics of the Conference on February 17, 2023 Periódico Excelsior

president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador surpasses his Morning conference on February 17, 2023 from Hermosillo, Sonora, where he will be accompanied by part of his cabinet and by Governor Alfonso Durazo.

Watch the morning of February 17 live here and learn more about the issues the President spoke about.

Tomorrow February 17, 2023 live

Homicides, extortion, transportation and home theft are on the rise in Sonora

In Sonora, the Homicides, extortion, and theft of transportation and homes are on the risewhile auto theft, kidnapping and human trafficking are on the decline, Sedena director Luis Cresencio Sandoval said.

He explained that the criminal incident for homicides, auto theft and drug trafficking four parishesregistering 75% of cases for these crimes, namely:

  • hermosillo
  • cash me
  • San Luis Rio Colorado
  • Guaymas
  • vjcm