Man Fulfills Dream And Captures Icelandic Volcano Eruption Up Close;  look at it

Man Fulfills Dream And Captures Icelandic Volcano Eruption Up Close; look at it

Bjorn Steinbekk made a video of Fagradalsfjall and made it available on the internet; Dozens of people go to the place to catch the show

Jeremie RICHARD / AFPFormation of the eruption of a volcano
Iceland’s erupting volcano is a tourist attraction

Björn Steinbekk, a tourist who describes himself as “the drone guy” on social media, has an incredible moment volcano Fagradalsfjall, near the capital Iceland, Reykjavik. He captured the moment the eruption took place up close and obtained amazing images and videos that he shared Your YouTube Channel. According to Steinbekk, the recording was only possible with the help of a drone. “I have long planned to cover the outbreak,” the author wrote on his Instagram account. Fagradalsfjall volcano, active since Wednesday 3rd, is the scene of visits by dozens of tourists and residents who walk about 90 minutes to see the spectacle up close. About two thousand people went there in the first days. “An experience of a lifetime,” said Kristi Tahepold, a dentist from Estonia, adding, “If you ever get the chance to see a volcano in your life, go. Even if you don’t have the shoes and clothes for it.” Not only do people watch the spectacle up close, but they also picnic at the site while lava is hurled upwards. Authorities advise against visiting until an assessment has been conducted, but viewers have not listened and continue to go there. Mount Fagradalsfjall is part of the Krysuvik volcanic system on the Reykjanes Peninsula and is only 15 km from the country’s international airport. Iceland has 32 volcanic systems that are considered active, the most in all of Europe.

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