Man fined after painting his dog to look like Pikachu

Man fined after painting his dog to look like Pikachu

Eric Torresa man residing in FloridaUSA, sparked a flurry of criticism and outrage after he completely painted his dog’s coat a bright yellow as if it were PikachuCharacter from the well-known animated series Pokemon.

The act was denounced as animal cruelty by users on Twitter who watched the basketball game in between intense heat Y Minnesota Timberwolves of nbaThey were outraged to see the man who brought his pet with a very striking appearance.

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Even one of the party commentators spoke on the subject in full telephony. “I don’t think this dog approved of this paint job,” the clip reads.

For this reason, the district Miami-Dade made the decision to fine the owner of the dog named Zsa Zsa aprox 200 dollarsbased on the laws of the state Florida. “It is unlawful for any person to artificially color or color any animal or bird, including but not limited to rabbits, chickens and ducks, or to bring any colored or colored animal or bird into this place,” they said.

The man received a $200 stipend for painting his dog as a Pikachu. Photo: NBC Capture

For his part Eric Torresa pet store owner in Florida, sent the pup The angel to color to surprise his daughter who is a fan of Pokemon. The subject defended himself for the fact. “I won’t apologize because at the end of the day I knew exactly what I was doing. I did my homework, I did my research, and I knew there was no way this was going to affect my dog,” Torres told the outlet. 7NewsMiami.

Apparently, this would not be the first complaint since officials made Animal services in Miami-Dade They said that on December 20th they received a complaint from a customer in Erik’s shop because he had sold him a sick dog. Because of this, an inspection was conducted of the owner’s shop where the stained can was discovered.