Maldives: Netflix disappoints in series with Marquezine and Manu Gavassi  Tangerina

Maldives: Netflix disappoints in series with Marquezine and Manu Gavassi Tangerina

The first season of the national production will premiere on the platform this Wednesday (15th). Cast has names that became famous on Globo

One of Netflix’s most anticipated titles for 2022, Maldives Premieres this Wednesday (15) surrounded by expectations. With a star cast led by the friends Bruna Marquezine and Manu Gavassi puts the series created by Natalia Klein on a mix of drama, comedy and mystery to win over the platform’s subscribers. However, the result is disappointing.

Since the production’s announcement, which has featured a cast of former globals such as Carol Castro, Sheron Menezes and Sticky Toledo, Maldives was considered the new big bet for the national market. Netflix’s idea was to repeat the success of productions like Coisa Mais Linda (20192020) and Invisible City, which bring together actors already wellknown to the general public after years in the open television spotlight.

The presence of high profile names in the market has only strengthened the brand around the series. Bruna Marquezine had left Globo as one of the leading actresses of her generation, while Manu Gavassi left her participation in the BBB 20 much larger than when she was.

With a group of actors whose careers speak for themselves, only a disastrous conspiracy could derail Netflix’s plans. Nor did the Maldives’ initial premise, which saves the popular formula “Who killed?”, hint at it. However, what we see on screen is entertainment that falls far, far short of expectations.

Manuel Gavassi

Manu Gavassi in the Maldives

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The plot of the series revolves around a group of Brazilian high society women living in the Maldives, a luxury condominium in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. The socalled (or selfproclaimed) “queens” of the place are Milene (Manu), Kat (Carol Castro) and Rayssa (Sheron Menezzes). They are rich, beautiful and love good drinks, they are what society imposes as perfect.

Her life is turned upside down after an apartment fire kills Patricia (Vanessa Gerbelli), the fourth member of the group. With the victim involved in intrigues with the trio before his death, the Queens of Maldives find themselves the prime suspects at the center of an investigation led by Detective Denilson (Roma).

At the other end of the series is Liz (Bruna), 18 years old and daughter of Patricia, whose real name is Leia. Abandoned by her mother as a child after a great tragedy, she decides to go to the Maldives to understand what made her make this decision. When Liz discovers the accident that killed Patricia, she decides to stay in the luxury condo and investigate what happened on her own.

The main problem of the Maldives begins with the characterization of their characters. From the very first episode, the trio of condominium queens come up with cliched and overly stereotyped interpretations. Milene by Manu Gavassi stands out as a selfcentered Barbie with extremely forced mannerisms that block any naturalness in the actress’ work.

Carol Castro and Sheron Menezes

Carol Castro and Sheron Menezes

To a lesser extent, such stereotypes also undermine the work of Carol and Sheron. Although the duo’s humor works better than Manu’s, the poverty is in Natalia Klein’s lyrics whose talent has been proven beautiful psychosis (20102014) does not allow the Maldives to draw the viewer beyond the mystery surrounding the plot of the series.

Of the first three episodes released to the press, Bruna Marquezine stands out. The actressturnedhollywood star gives Liz a breather with her sweet demeanor and away from the archetypes that stood out in her coprotagonists.

In the end, the Maldives might even achieve the success the platform awaits streaming history proves that quality has never been a requirement for a production to be among the mostwatched on Netflix. But there isn’t enough demand to ease the disappointment of this first wave of episodes of the attraction.

Bruna Marquezie in the Maldives scene


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