Majority in France wants to constitutionalize the right to abortion

Majority in France wants to constitutionalize the right to abortion

Paris, July 5 (Prensa Latina) 81 percent of French people and the majority of deputies in the National Assembly want abortion rights to be included in the constitution, according to a study published today by the Jean Jaures Foundation.

“There is a massive consensus across all walks of life, including the most conservative,” said one of the people responsible for the sample, Francois Kraus, who believed that “there is a cultural divide between French and American society on this issue, and pro -Life speeches don’t impress in France,” he said.

Following the recent decision by the US Supreme Court to end the 50-year guarantee that granted the right to an abortion for 50 years, the French government has expressed its desire to enshrine this right in the French Constitution.

In the National Assembly, both the pro-government deputies and the left-wing coalition, the main opposition group, approve a bill that provides for a shield on the right to abortion in the text of the constitution.

Among citizens, 91 percent of Yannick Jadot’s (environmentalist) voters, 87 percent of President Emmanuel Macron’s voters and 85 percent of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s (left) voters support the inclusion of this law in Magna Carta.

The same idea also prevails in the ranks of the right and extreme right, with 80 percent of voters for Marine Le Pen (far right), 77 percent for Valérie Pécresse (conservative) and 59 percent for the ultra-nationalist Eric Zemmour.

The explanation, according to Kraus, is: “Marine Le Pen’s electorate is young and completely non-religious. It’s certainly an electorate focused on identity and security issues, but not conservative in the Anglo-Saxon sense,” he noted.

Despite the informative value of the data, according to the study, the French do not fear a scenario like that in the USA. Only one in three respondents thinks it is possible that the right to abortion will be called into question in the near future.