Maisa is traveling to Capri with friends and staying in

Maisa is traveling to Capri with friends and staying in a hotel with a daily rate of more than R$18,000

Maisa decided to celebrate her birthday in style. The actress turns 20 this Sunday (22) and is celebrating the special date in Capri, Italy, with friends Fernanda Concon and Julia Rabelo. You live in a luxury hotel with a daily rate of over R$ 18,000.

“After almost a day of travelling, we’re done, but we’re in Capri. I will celebrate my birthday with both of them. It’s gonna be really cool. We escape the cold because we like the heat, it will be a birthday to remember,” the actress said on Instagram.

The presenter lives in a room with a balcony overlooking the city and a private pool. The daily rates in the facility cost up to 3,596 euros, the equivalent of about R$ 18,500.

Capri is a famous tourist destination in southern Italy. The island is known for its beautiful beaches, boat trips and one of the most famous attractions is the Blue Grotto, a cave where the water glows a brilliant blue due to the reflection of sunlight.

The actress and her friends took part in this tour this Sunday. They enjoy a day on the boat with a birthday cake for Maisa. The night before, the three went out to dinner and then enjoyed a club.

See below some photos Maisa posted on the hotel balcony: