Maira Cardi vents after revealing messages received from groom

Maíra Cardi vents after revealing messages received from groom

Maira Cardi Reproduction/Instagram

Published on 07/23/2023, 21:50


Rio The influencer Maíra Cardi this Sunday (23) countered the criticism she received from netizens after revealing messages sent on Instagram by a wife of Thiago Nigro, her fiancé. The couple decided to share their social media passwords with each other to see if everything was “right.”

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“Whoever criticizes, answer me: Would you like boyfriend/fiancé/husband to receive unsolicited intimate photos and videos from a woman? Because I don’t like that! I also don’t like it when a guy sends me content like this because it’s pushy and embarrassing! If it were a man we would certainly go to the police to report him, right?” Maíra wrote.

The influencer still says she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with disclosing the messages. “Am I wrong or is the person sending this content wrong? So before you send anything to someone, whether they’re engaged or not, it’s better to know if they’ve given you permission to do so, whether they want it or not, because just as we women feel attacked, they can feel the same way,” she said.

Maíra Cardi concluded by saying that it was Thiago himself, known on social media as Primo Rico, who showed her the conversation. “Sharing the passwords was our decision, but I wasn’t the one who found them directly, he was the one who showed me why he didn’t like it,” he wrote.

The couple have been together since March this year. Advertising