Maíra Cardi Scares Fans By Appearing In A Wheelchair: ‘Can’t Walk’

Maira Cardi and Thiago Nigro

the digital influencer Maira Cardi worried his followers this Thursday 25th after he reappeared on social networks in a wheelchair and was taken away by the groom Thiago Nigro. She was off the internet for days without making any publication. In the Instagram, Maíra published a series of photos with the owner of the channel Primo Rico. In the first she is in a wheelchair at the airport and receives a kiss from the financial expert. In another shot, the influencer appears lying face down on a stretcher, with towels on her lower back. However, she did not reveal the reason for her absence. On the other hand, she praised Thiago Nigro. “Wheelchair users welcome! For those who follow me all the time: I miss these days here! I’m away from cell phones (there are 3 numbers), millions of questions, contacts, responsibilities and things to do. I moved away from the networks… I moved away from myself, or the part I created about myself so I could discover other levels,” he began. “I’ve gotten to a point where I’m trying to find what I’ve never seen in myself. Anyone who studies the emotional and spiritual psychic depths knows the deep importance of the spine, the sustenance of everything that keeps you on your feet and moving you forward! I wanted to say so many things here, but they don’t fit. I wanted to talk about my prejudices, about my certainties that are wrong or not so sure,” he added.

Next, the influencer speaks of her pride in “being the man of her own life” and points to her fiancé’s support. “How difficult it is to stay when your saboteurs want to flee. I always joke that “I am or was the rich man in my life”. I was proud of being the man of my own life, that I didn’t “need” anyone to take care of everything and everyone around me, although I regretted not being able to “be Cinderella”. The truth is that even though I said I wanted to be the princess, I really liked being the warrior prince. Wanting is something different than realizing! Well I wanted to say so many things that don’t fit but these photos are to say that my grandmother said that the day I found a man with a bigger penis than mine yes I would respect it! In the last part of the text, she reveals that she is going through a difficult time and confuses her fans. “And here I am stuck in a wheelchair and can’t walk because my male side had to come out so he could get in! Now this girl has to learn to walk with her own legs. Nobody said it would be easy. Even being happy when you’re not used to it hurts. The new was because in the end we are addicted to staying the same! Without armor I felt weak, injured and unable to walk, after all my character no longer supports me. Let’s find out together who stays? Everything I’ve ever said, everything I’ve ever done doesn’t make any sense anymore, so don’t even tell me, “But you said that.” Did I say that?”