Maiara and Maraisa are surprised by a child fan dressed

Maiara and Maraísa are surprised by a child fan dressed as Marília Mendonça and burst into tears;

Another proof that no one can forget Marília Mendonça… This Friday (30th), Maiara and Maraisa wowed the audience when they received a child fan dressed as the Queen of Suffering at a show in São Paulo.

The little one wasn’t the only one invited onto the stage. Other children also had a lot of fun dancing with the country girls. However, seeing the girl characterized as the voice of the hit “Infiel” shook the structures of the Patroas, who were moved and very much by the tribute to their friend. Watch:

maiara almost as big as children 🤏🏻

Your Majesty. (@uimaiara) October 1, 2022

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The little girl wore an outfit similar to Marília’s during the recording of the Festa das Patroas DVD. The moment drew applause and the sisters broke down in tears as they remembered their companion who tragically died in a plane crash last November. After the excitement, however, the singers took the opportunity to have fun with the children. Cash:

maiara dance teacher teaches her day care center how to dance

— deborah 🥂 | 64d (@vidsmaraisa) October 1, 2022

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This wasn’t the only moment the sisters remembered the owner of the most outstanding voice in the country. During the presentation, the large screen showed Marília’s photo, taking the breath away of everyone present at the venue. Look how it all went:

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