Magaly Medina and Maria Pia shine in Miami on a

Magaly Medina and María Pía shine in Miami on a luxurious New Year’s yacht: “The first of 2023”

One of the most solid friendships in entertainment is that of Magaly Medina and Maria Pia Copello. Some time ago, both of them have been featured on tiktoks, YouTube videos, photo shoots together, and now they even travel together, including their family. As every year, the characters of the show visit different parts of the world to welcome the New Year’s parties and this duo could not be missing. Both enjoyed the Miami beaches with their children and close friends.

The photos of Magaly Medina and María Pía Copello

Both are influential figures on social networks, so their constant activity on Instagram does not go unnoticed by their followers or the media. This January 1st, María Pía Copello published a carousel of photos showing how happy she was with her loved ones.

In this group of images you can see Magaly Medina on a luxurious yacht and on the beaches that Miami offers to tourists.

Magaly Medina is shown together with María Pía Copello celebrating the New Year. Photo: @mariapiacopello/Instagram

María Pía Copello is not afraid of criticism from Magaly Medina

During an interview with Verónica Linares, María Pía Copello was reluctant to face the criticism that might come from Magaly Medina and Rodrigo González, although she had a good relationship with them behind the scenes.

“Magaly knows and Rodrigo also knows that if they have to criticize me, that’s their job. I can’t intervene and tell them not to criticize me because they’re my friends,” was the reply from Timoteo’s ex-partner. “Rodrigo, if he had to criticize me, he did it and he did it many times, and normally. We continue to speak normally and nothing happens,” he said.

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