Maddie McCann case A Polish woman claims to be the

Maddie McCann case: A Polish woman claims to be the girl who disappeared in 2007

A spectacular twist in the Maddie McCann affair? Julia, a 21-year-old Polish woman, has regularly claimed to be Maddie McCann for the past few days. this young Brit who disappeared while vacationing in Portugal in 2007.

“Help me, I need to speak to Kate and Gerry McCann. I think I could be Madeleine,” she wrote in her bio on her Instagram account created for the occasion (“iammadelemccan”, “I am Madeleine McCann”) “needs a DNA test” to prove his true identity.

On her Instagram page, which has nearly 800,000 followers, the young woman regularly posts photomontages of herself and Maddie McCann as a child to demonstrate their resemblance.

The young woman, who does not share her official identity, claims to have no memory of her childhood. She said during a live Instagram that she had an “intuition” after her grandmother told her she had been “hurt by a pedophile”. younger. A man who they believe looks like one of the suspects listed on the official website

To confirm the words of this young woman, Maddie McCann’s parents reportedly approved of the idea of ​​a DNA test, according to the account’s bio.

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