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Maddie case: A teenager claims to be the missing little girl and demands a DNA test

“I think I’m Madeleine. I need a DNA test”. Is this a new scam in the Maddie McCann case?

The child’s disappearance in Portugal in 2007 sparked an extraordinary international campaign to try to find him. Photos of Maddie with her short tan haircut and big, clear eyes had gone viral.

Today a young girl of German origin residing in Poland started an Instagram account where she calls for help to get in contact with the parents by Madeleine McCann. In her various messages, she explains that she is the girl who has been missing for more than fifteen years.

On her account, already followed by more than 650,000 people, she multiplies the publications in which she describes her physical resemblance to the young girl and her parents.

“I need a DNA test”

The one who claims to have only vague memories of her childhood explains that she had a pivotal conversation with her grandmother. “She told me my family knew I had been hurt by a pedophile”. And to ensure that one of the identified suspects would resemble his attacker.

“I think I’m Madeleine. I need a DNA test,” she insists in these various publications shared by more and more Internet users.

Where is the investigation?

The main suspect in the Maddie case, a 45-year-old German woman currently in custody, has been charged with five other alleged rapes and pedophile acts committed in Portugal between 2000 and 2017.

In custody in Kiel, northern Germany, he is accused of three alleged rapes and two sexual assaults on children.

This man, who lived in Portugal for many years, was identified as a suspect by German investigators in 2020 the prime suspect in the murder of the British girl.

The investigation is ongoing and German prosecutors have not yet filed charges for Madeleine McCann’s murder.