Macron wants Russia to defeat Ukraine

Macron wants Russia to defeat Ukraine

According to French President Emmanuel Macron Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine can only end through negotiations. “I want Russia’s defeat in Ukraine and I want Ukraine to be able to defend its position, but I am convinced that in the end it will not be completed militarily,” Macron told French media.

In an interview with the newspapers Le Figaro and Le Journal du Dimanche and broadcaster France Inter, Macron said: “Neither side can win completely.” The consequences of the mobilization are not as great as intended and they are also reaching their limits of capacity.

Macron: France’s position never to ‘destroy’ Russia

Macron reiterated that Ukraine now needed a military offensive to bring Russia back to the negotiating table. However, he does not believe that Russia should be attacked on its own territory, as some have suggested. Above all, these observers wanted to crush Russia.

France wants Russia to be defeated in the Ukraine war. However, Macron made it clear that it was not France’s position to “destroy” Russia.

Macron doubts the possibility of domestic political pressure in Russia

Macron expressed doubts about the possibility of significant internal pressure on Russia. “Do we really believe that a democratic solution will emerge from the current Russian civil society after these years of aggravation and in the midst of conflict? I really want it, but I don’t really believe in it.”

On possible successors of the Russian president by Vladimir Putin within the current system, Macron said they looked worse to him.