machete attack in Times Square quotact of Islamic

machete attack in Times Square, "act of Islamic extremism"

On January 1, the NYPD arrested the 19-year-old for attempted murder. Trevor Bickford was transported in the hospital after being shot in the shoulder during the firefight with the police.

machete attack in Times Square quotact of Islamic

According to the American newspaper, it was Bickford radicalized only recently he planned his bomb attack in the metropolis. Just after 10 p.m On December 31, the young man attacked three nearby officers at the corner of 8th Avenue and 52nd Streetjust outside the security chain for the Times Square celebrations.

An officer who had just graduated from the police academy suffered one skull fracture during the attack. The other two officers, including the one who shot Bickford, were discharged from the hospital.

The bomber’s suicide note

The day before the attack, Bickford had written a suicide note to his family in a diary found by police. “I am very afraid that you will not repent to Allah and that is why I have the hope in my heart that part of you will believe so that you will be brought out of Hellfire.”