Lyn May wears a makeover and insists intimate scenes with Andrés García weren’t acted

Lyn May wears a makeover and insists intimate scenes with Andrés García weren’t acted

In one of his latest Instagram posts Lyn May He appears with a totally rejuvenated face, which his fans have not overlooked and give him their opinion through various comments.

“With my beloved makeup artist,” Lyn May wrote alongside a photo of her with long black hair and very flattering makeup that highlights her eyes.

“Lyn May-donna!”, “You look stunning”, “Definitely, that was my favorite look” or “I love her, very talented, pretty and great make-up, but I think it’s more of a filter”. some of which the comments the star received.

But it’s not just her face that causes a stir among her followers, because in recent statements to the show La mesa Caliente (Telemundo), the actress also explained that the scenes in which she has to be intimate with the actor Andres Garcia In one of the films he has acted in in the past, they were not acted but very real.

He also clarified that this happened because the same directors back then asked them for as much realism as possible when filming the protagonists.

“If you want to do a sex scene, you have to do it, you can’t be halfway because the director says, ‘I want the scene as it is,'” Lyn May explained.

And she wanted to clarify that for her, the actresses who claim that in intimate scenes they don’t feel anything because they’re in front of a camera, they’re lying: “Oh, you don’t feel anything” and that the freg*, feels everything,” added he added.

The 69-year-old Mexican has stated on numerous occasions that she’s always liked Andrés García and that she’s really enjoyed working with him throughout her career: “If you’ve got an Andrés García there, you’ve got him up there, hey, grab it it”. It is worth remembering that Lyn May previously assured that she was “a little horny” during the recording sessions with the actor, however, he was always very professional and always treated her with great kindness and respect.

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“I got horny for him in the film, everything stopped, even my eyelashes; and to me he was very nice, very nice, respectful, he was a gentleman since I knew him,” he said on another occasion for the Show “First Hand”. .

In his recent work with Julian Gil The artist also made similar statements in the volume Cerdo, in which she assured that the Argentine was “very well endowed”.

“Yes of course! Of course we had sex at the end of the movie! History required it. I hugged him, kissed him and everything, I enjoyed it. He’s had enough, two big ‘packages’.”


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