Lyn May: 7 PHOTOS that show she had File Cinema’s most perfect silhouette

Lyn May: 7 PHOTOS that show she had File Cinema’s most perfect silhouette

Within the film guild in Mexico there were different stages and one of them was that of the so-called file film, a genre that flourished in the mid-seventies and eighties and was nourished by italian erotic comedy and the old rumberas cinema, in which its protagonists were mainly women.

Within that time was one of the actresses who had the most projection and success Lyn May, who attracted attention with his great ability to dance, his acting technique and his spectacular silhouette.

Lyn May continues to cause controversy in show business. Photo: special

Lyn May is currently 69 years old and is considered one of the best polemic from the world of entertainment, this above all because of her opinion on the artists, in addition to the fact that a little less than a year ago she announced her pregnancy, but this news was false.

Lyn May was afraid of getting older

The Mexican actress of Chinese descent shone in the limelight for many years movie theater Mexican and currently continues to appear on television, the truth is that his success and fame collapsed over time and the famous started to have cosmetic surgery.

On various occasions, the Vedette has confessed that she was afraid of getting older, so over time she considered more and more cosmetic surgeries without imagining that it would have serious consequences for her.

Lyn May had the most enviable character in File Cinema

Unfortunately for the famous native of AcapulcoWhat is known is that she was injected with baby oil in an alleged cheekbone surgery without her knowledge, which ruined and deformed her face over time.

Despite the side effects she saw reflected on her face, the truth is that the famous woman continued to maintain her figure that has been flattered for years, and then we’ll show you that photographs showing that the singer also had a perfect silhouette.

Lyn May was afraid of getting older. Photo: Special Lyn May is of Chinese descent. Photo: Special Lyn May has been on the covers of magazines. Photo: Special Lyn was not only an actress but also a model. Photo: Special Lyn May stood out for her dancing skills. Photo: Special Lyn May had a marked tummy. Photo: Special Lyn May also caught the eye with her quirky eyebrow design. Photo: Special



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