LVBP How to Buy Tickets for Leones vs Haie Finals

LVBP: How to Buy Tickets for Leones vs. Haie Finals? Check costs and calendar

There are many expectations for that final of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP) 2022-2023 between the Lions of Caracas vs. La Guaira Sharks. This duel will determine the next champion. This after surviving a round robin full of emotions. I still don’t know how to buy starter For the game? Check how you can do it and how much the tickets cost. Note the calendar!

LVBP Finals: How and Where Can I Buy Tickets for Caracas vs. Sharks?

Advance ticket sales begin on Monday 23 January. at the box office of the University Stadium in Caracas. Likewise, tickets can be purchased through the Yummy website and Maketicket.

Ticket sales for the finals begin on January 23rd. Photo: Lions of Caracas

How much do LVBP Finals tickets cost?

Next we will show you the tickets cost for the final of the LVBP 2022-2023. Remember that tickets are sold in dollars.

  • Zone 2 chairs $9.71
  • Zone 2 Tier $9.71
  • Zone 3 chairs $4.85
  • Tier 3: $4.85
  • Grandstands: $2.91
  • Student bleachers: $1.46
  • Locked: $9.71
  • Earth Phase: $38.84
  • Intermediate 1: $33.98
  • Intermediate 2: $24.27
  • Center Chairs INF: $21.36
  • AB Side Country $19.42
  • SUP Center Chairs: $16.51
  • Tier: $14.56
  • Zone: $11.65

ticket cost

Ticket price for the final of the LVBP. Photo: Lions of Caracas

ticket cost

Ticket price for the final of the LVBP. Photo: Lions of Caracas

When does the Venezuela baseball final start?

The finals will take place from January 23rd and will run until the 31st of this month.

Check the full schedule of the final stage of the championship:

  • January 23: Sharks vs. lions
  • January 24: Sharks vs. lions
  • January 25: take a rest
  • January 26: Lions vs. sharks
  • January 27: Lions vs. sharks
  • January 28: Lions vs. sharks
  • January 29: take a rest
  • January 30: Sharks vs. lions
  • January 31: Sharks vs. lions

*The team playing at home on that date in bold.

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Who are the Lions and Sharks reinforcements for the Finals?

The Longhairs and the Sharks had the opportunity to strengthen themselves with some players from the teams that didn’t reach the finals of the LVBP 2022-2023:

Caracas lions

  • Mario S├ínchez (right starter), of the Cardenales de Lara.

La Guaira Sharks

  • Erick Leal (pitcher) from the Navegantes del Magallanes.

These are the reinforcements of the Leones del Caracas and the Tiburones de La Guaira thinking about the final. Photo: LVBP