Lupillo Rivera reveals his HEALTH CONDITION after fainting at the Tultitlán       Faire

Lupillo Rivera reveals his HEALTH CONDITION after fainting at the Tultitlán Faire

has caused great concern Lupillo Rivera to his fans after the singer presented problems in his health statusd during his presentation at the Tultitlan Fair 2022which resulted in him only being able to offer a 30-minute concert as he has since had to step off the stage uncovered that was just before pass out.

In the video of the presentation of Lupillo Riverawhich was shared via the social networks Tultitlan Fair 2022 You can see the Mexican regional music artist was starting to feel short of breath and was even having a hard time getting up, so it seems like he’s about to pass out; After that, the singer took a break, which became a farewell, since he never returned to the stage

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“They gave him oxygen, they say he felt bad and passed out, that’s what we heard,” one of the Banda la Ejecutiva members who was also part of the event told Multimedios.

This is the state of health of Lupillo Rivera after fainting at the Tultitlán Fair

Through their official social networks, Lupillo Rivera shared a video apologizing to the people who attended his presentation Tultitlan Fair 2022in addition to revealing what his health status.

“How about my people from Tultitlán, we are already at home, we are already resting … our pressure has dropped a lot there, but at the moment we are stable,” explained Lupillo Rivera, accompanied by the attending doctor.

The singer emphasized that his health status Due to the treatments that her GP has given her, the presentation that she has planned for this coming Saturday, June 18, in Texas, USA, goes ahead.