Lupillo Rivera his wife Giselle Soto leaves him neither in

Lupillo Rivera, his wife Giselle Soto leaves him neither in the sun nor in the shade

Jenni Rivera’s brother appeared in a restaurant bar famous for its exquisite birria. And where he is very popular with the owners, even the terrace of the restaurant bears his name.

at midnight, Lupillo Rivera took the stage and delighted the entire audience with his most popular songs, like ‘Drunk’, ‘Down, Down’, ‘Despised’, ‘No Fortune’, ‘How about I buy you’. among many more.

Since the “Toro del Corrido” is his style, he was very happy about the 80th anniversary of this place. During the show and as always occasionally drink a bottle of tequilato the beat of his audience, who applauded everything he did on stage and sang his songs.

Lupillo Rivera in concert

Lupillo didn’t stop toasting with the public and for all women. However, our lens caught his wife Giselle, who never took her eyes off him.

Wife of Lupillo Rivera

At two in the morning, Lupillo closed his show with a flourish, where he quickly exited the location guarded by his security guards.

Lupillo Rivera concerts