Lupillo Rivera breaks SILENCE on relationship with Belinda and reveals if he asked her for MONEY

Lupillo Rivera breaks SILENCE on relationship with Belinda and reveals if he asked her for MONEY

The recent birthday of has caused great controversy belindaWell, the singer recently celebrated her 33rd birthday with a trip to Disneyland, for which she shared photos and videos from the celebration. However, one of these publications caused a stir because she said in it that she does not need a man to indulge in his luxury, the comments did not wait before that and now Lupillo Riverawith whom he was allegedly having an affair, after all broke the Be silent about his relationship with the ‘Princess of Pop’ and uncovered If you asked money.

It is worth remembering that it was in 2019 when lupillo Y belinda when the trainer fell together in the reality show ‘La Voz México’, a close friendship began and that even in front of the cameras there was great chemistry between the two, since then the rumor has been about an alleged one relationshipbecause even the singer was allowed to tattoo her face Bel in one of his arms.

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To date, the interpreters have not confirmed that they had a courtship because they had no more interaction overnight, but lupillo He came to make some statements showing that there was more than friendship between them.

“I never spoke badly of Belinda, we had a good time, we had our story, our time. And we were happy,” he commented in an interview with Yordi Rosado. Likewise, it was not disclosed what was the reason that prompted them to leave, in addition to the fact that they continued their professional projects separately.

Shortly thereafter, it was speculated that there was something in between lupillo Y belindathe singer and actress began a relationship with Christian Nodal, whom she also met on the famous reality show, but in the 2020 edition. A few months after their courtship, the couple got engaged and had wedding plans, but suddenly in February 2022. The singer -Songwriter announced that their history together was over.

Though Nodal didn’t initially explain what the reason for their split was, he later revealed that he was fed up with giving him money, even to pay for the dentist and cover his in-laws’ expenses, which he apparently confirmed with news coverage between the two. behind Bel She was accused of exploiting her partners’ fortune.

Lupillo Rivera reveals if Belinda asked him for money

The video of belinda in which she says, “You’ve never needed a boyfriend to indulge you in luxury, right? We’re working women and we don’t need anyone at all… I can do whatever I want without a boyfriend,” so it’s become a trend Lupillo Rivera was questioned about it so he couldn’t take it anymore and broke the Be silent about his relationship and when you money demanded.

“What I can say about Belinda is that it was a time that we spent very happily, it’s over and everyone is moving on on their own. I can’t give you any more details because I don’t want to give details. I was never in position (asking me for money), truth to me, Belinda was always a lady with me, I was always a gentleman with her and until then we both stayed,” Lupillo Rivera said on the Hoy morning program.

“All women can work, all women can be empowered all the time, they are the strongest in the world, but I think that women always lack that, my love, here I am for whatever is offered to you, are you tired? here we are,” I say. “if you’re tired, I’m here to rub your feet,” but until then, keep her 100% working,” the singer concluded.