Lupillo Rivera arrives at ‘Hoy’ and taunts Belinda;  confesses when asked for money and sends message to Nodal

Lupillo Rivera arrives at ‘Hoy’ and taunts Belinda; confesses when asked for money and sends message to Nodal

Posted in PROMINENTS on 08/18/2022 13:19

Mexico City.- On the morning of this Thursday, August 18, the controversial singer Lupillo Rivera appeared as a special guest on the show today and triggered enormous controversy with his statements. The brother of Jenny Rivera the pop star confessed once and for all belinda He asked her for money when they met and took the opportunity to send a message to his love rival. Christian knots.

The calling ‘Corrido Bull’ was invited to participate in the section What are you talking about?Where Andrea Escalona and other program staff TV They recalled Beli’s speech a few days ago, when she asserted that she doesn’t need a boyfriend to indulge in luxuries: “You’ve never needed a boyfriend to indulge in luxuries, right? We are working women and we absolutely don’t need anyone to have the life we ​​want! nobody! because alone we can achieve things,” said the interpreter.

Lupillo Rivera makes fun of Belinda in “Hoy”.

When Lupillo heard those words from Belinda, with whom he was allegedly having an affair, while they attended it together The voice from Aztec televisionhe just covered his mouth to keep from laughing, but his gestures gave him away. Shanik Berman and his companions immediately started asking his opinion and he was speechless: “He’s laughing… now, the silent one grants, no way, you’ve said everything with your silence,” Shanik commented.

What I can say about Belinda is that it was a time that we spent very happily, it’s over and everyone is moving on for themselves. I can’t give you more details because I don’t want to give details.

The Long Beach, California singer kept laughing when asked about the topic and finally decided to answer. One of the reporters who was in Hoy questioned the Rivera brothers member directly if Beli had ever asked him for money for his whims or to help his parents, as Christian revealed, but stressed that he had never been in that position be.

I’ve never been in that position (he asked me for money), the truth is, for me, Belinda She was always a lady with me I was always a gentleman with her and until then we both stayed”.

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Lupillo explained that he likes his sentimental partners to be empowered women who “100 percent keep working,” and ruled out that he’d like to break them off financially. Likewise, the interpreter made a strong reference to Nodal, not only assuring that he wouldn’t refuse to record a duet with the acclaimed Sonoran, but also recommending that he put the subject of his ex-girlfriend behind and get over it already.

If you hang out with that person and you really love them, it’s better to let them go and never talk about that person again,” he said, saying he will change the black patch covering the tattoo in September he got from Beli.

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