Lulas government plan does not include the legalization of drugs

Lula’s government plan does not include the legalization of drugs or the persecution of religious people

It is not true that the government plan of PT presidential candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva includes proposals such as legalizing drugs and persecuting religious people, according to a video circulating on the internet (see here). None of the eight items mentioned in the note appear in the document that PT submitted to the TSE (Supreme Electoral Court). Lula’s advisors also disputed the truthfulness of the allegation.

The misleading posts have at least 25,000 shares on Facebook (as of Saturday afternoon (1st)) and are also being circulated on WhatsApp, where the reach cannot be estimated (Talk to Fátima).

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Now see why Lula is hiding his government plan. The command is to destroy to dominate you!

The video mentions eight suggestions not included in the Lula Alckmin ticket government guidelines

The video mentions eight suggestions not included in the Lula Alckmin ticket government guidelines

Photo: To the facts

A misleading video has been circulating on social media listing eight proposals that Lula would “hide” from voters and which would be on the PT’s government program, which is false. The recording invents promises and distorts the former president’s testimonies to make us believe, for example, that PT intends to break up his family, legalize drugs, and persecute religious people.

The ticketing government program guidelines published in the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) contradict the disinformation, such as:

  • It is not in the PT’s plans to release narcotics. Lula, in point 34 of the document, defends a new drug policy “focused on risk reduction, prevention, treatment and user support” and “confronting and dismantling criminal organizations”;
  • The PT also did not promise to assume a “fiscal lack of control”. Item 52 explains that the plan intends to remove the spending cap and introduce a new, more flexible tax system that “guarantees countercyclical measures, promotes transparency and monitoring of the value for money of public policies”;
  • It is also not true that Lula intends to persecute religious. Point 99 states that the campaign “defends civil rights, guarantees and individual liberties, including respect for freedom of religion and religion and the fight against religious intolerance, which have become even more urgent for Brazilian democracy”. The former president’s aide also highlighted the Religious Freedom Act passed during the Lula administration, stressing that he opposes religious persecution “in any country and in any form,” citing the case of Nicaragua .
  • Other points mentioned in the video are the result of distortions in the testimonies of the former President or others.

  • For example, the recording uses a statement by Lula made during an event in São Paulo in April this year to claim that he wants to “end the middle class”. In his speech, however, the PT member criticized the consumption behavior of this income group, he didn’t say he wanted to end it;
  • Lula also didn’t say he intends to “challenge” cellphone theft. The phrase distorts a statement he made in November 2019, when the former president said: “I can’t see anymore 14, 15 year olds who are robbing and being raped, being murdered by the police, sometimes innocent or sometimes, because they stole a phone.” “;
  • And the woman who says in the video that she wants to “end the family” has nothing to do with Lula’s ticket. Her name is Amanda Palha, who was a member of the PCB and defended at an event in October 2019 that the LGBTQIA+ movement and not the PT should raise the “destruction of the family” banner.
  • Two other arguments cited in the record were taken out of context. For example, in the passage that says PT wants to “legalize abortion,” the video recalls a speech in April this year that said the process “should be turned into a public health matter and everyone has a right.” In later moments, however, Lula said that he was personally opposed to abortion liberalization, but that the matter should be discussed by Congress. This position was reaffirmed by the advisory to the to the facts in note.

    Lula’s promise to regulate social media was also taken out of context. The PT member is defending a regulation that he believes “is not related to content control, but to measures against monopolies and property regulation and participation rights in electronic and digital media dominated by a few companies”. In paragraph 118, the panel defends that the right of access to the media is “essential in a democratic society governed by human rights and sovereignty” and defends the legal framework provided for in the 1988 Constitution.

    This is the third piece of disinformation about Lula’s government plan to hit the networks this week. to the facts denied a list of false proposals and also that the PT would defend a project where people share rooms with members of social movements.


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    This weekend is the to the facts AFP joined Checamos,, Comprova, EFarsas, Fato ou Fake and Lupa to jointly verify election disinformation.

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