Lula’s goals in Argentina amid regional tensions

Lula’s goals in Argentina amid regional tensions

Brazil’s Foreign Ministry Secretary for the Americas, Michel Arslanian Neto, spoke Details of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s agenda during his first international visit since taking office. “Brazil returns to the world with the first mandatory stopover in the region, starting with the Argentina‘ the official said at a news conference from Brasilia. With that in mind, Lula will try to rebuild his country as between Monday and Tuesday Leader and at the same time, thrust Y articulate the joint action of the region at international level. In addition to the signing of a strong regional integration agreement to revitalize Argentina-Brazil ties, among the scheduled meetings are the names of the leaders of Cuba and Venezuela.

Align positions, establish dialogue and consensus They are three of the premises that will bring the Brazilian President to Buenos Aires. “It is a constitutional imperative to work toward building a strong Latin American and Caribbean community, regardless of political leanings,” said Neto, who in turn noted The trip of the Brazilian leaders to Argentina is part of the tradition because of the historical and strategic ties that both countries have. A connection that after three years “distancing‘ ruled former President Jair Bolsonaro.

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In this line he expanded the wide range of issues that will form the agreements within the framework of the conference VII Summit of Heads of State or Government of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). Although many of them are in talks and negotiations, the following has been established: A new plan is being implemented for the fight against hunger in cooperation with the international agency FAO and to face it inequality.

The Head of the Special Adviser on International Relations, Christian Varga, He also stated that he is working on it 12 thematic statements which are expected to be approved consensual that ranges from some problemsclassic‘ as the position of Regional solidarity with Argentina regarding the Malvinas Islandsuntil: climate changeor transition energetic, investments and program drafts industrialcooperation place, Sustainable development of oceansempowerment of Women and equality from gendernuclear disarmament, cooperation in the fight against terrorism and for him Combating the illegal arms trade.

It is about “using CELAC for regional integration and solving the common challenges”, stated net. It must be clarified that Brazil left CELAC for three years as a result of Bolsonaro’s decision and Lula decided to return when he took office on January 1st this year.

Regarding Argentina, officials indicated that the axis will consist of emphasizing strategic cooperation and inter-institutional articulation. “Both teams have a very clear goal to move forward with a drive from the highest level,” said the Secretary for the Americas, which includes: energy and gas integration, revitalizing economic ties and a Special Agreement on Science and Technology where the minister of the portfolio will participate, Daniel Filmus; and her Brazilian counterpart Luciana Santos, Working on joint programs and a memorandum of understanding.

In addition, he stated that “the Argentine private sector is very keen to advance in the industry Nestor-Kirchner pipeline“, referring to the meeting that will take place on Monday with private and national businessmen. Also technological cooperation, logistics and scientific research in the Antarctic It is part of the negotiation pattern between delegations.

Bilateral meetings with Cuba and Venezuela

During the press conference, the names of Nicolás Maduro and Miguel Diaz Canel, Presidents of Venezuela Y Cubarespectively There they were encouraged to indicate that they have received many requests for meetings and that the schedule is still in the preparatory phase, but they confirmed that there are requests to hold meetings with these two Presidents in addition to the Prime Minister of Barbados , Mia Mottley; with the President of the European Council, Charles Dodd.

“Regarding Venezuela, I can say that President Lula would like to highlight the constructive role that the region can play for Venezuela, especially South America,” Neto said when asked by the press. Meanwhile, he succinctly replied that there was no information about a possible meeting with the Argentine vice president. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Uruguay and Mercosur

Before a Uruguay with a Luis Lacalle Pou In absence of whom Mercosur had declared its intention to implement agreements unilaterally outside the economic bloc, officials were reluctant to announce their position. However, they announced their intention to strengthen the alliance through dialogue and consensus and to emphasize bilateral solidarity. “There is a clear understanding that Uruguay’s interests in terms of expanding its access to international markets, a Mercosur with an external insertion platform, will be on the table. in one Context, understanding and common ground to strengthen Mercosur and benefit all‘ they clarified.

The issues to be addressed in this case are: physical infrastructure and possible construction of a waterwayfight them organised crime, Science, health, technology and border integration.