Lula to complete election commitments in northern Brazil

Lula to complete election commitments in northern Brazil

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will today visit Manaus, capital of the northern state of Amazonas, to attend campaign events as the Workers’ Party (PT) candidate in the upcoming elections.

Sources close to his entourage confirmed that the favorite candidate in the opinion polls will visit the Honda car company factory in the Free Zone and the Amazon Museum.

He will also take part in the “All Together for Brazil and Amazonas” event, meeting with 35 entities and social movements to talk about sustainable development in the region.

The PT leader is expected to attend the All Together for Pará event tomorrow at the Marine Club Nautical Space in Belém, the capital of the Territorial Division.

On the same day, he will participate in the Culture Act with Lula at the Peace Theater.

According to the tour schedule, the former labor leader will be present at the All Together event on September 2 in Maranhão, a state in the northeast of the country.

The day before, the President’s flag-bearer had spoken with governors, former governors and representatives of the security forces in Sao Paulo to discuss proposals for the area of ​​his future administration.

“We propose the creation of the Ministry of Public Security without interference in state politics. What we want is to increase the Union’s participation without interfering with what is now an obligation of States,” he said.

The Security Portfolio existed during the government of Michel Temer (2016-2018), but in the current government of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, it joined the Justice Portfolio.

In addition to that ministry, Lula previously pledged to create the ministry for women, indigenous people, racial equality and to reactivate the culture ministry.

The former mechanic also assured that he would enforce the disarmament law in a possible government.

Laws passed in 2003 changed the rules for carrying and possessing war artifacts with the aim of reducing the circulation of weapons in the country.

The Supreme Electoral Court unanimously ruled yesterday to ban the carrying of arms in the referendum. The exception is members of the security forces who are working that day and who are asked by an authority to enter a specific section.

Rapporteur Ricardo Lewandowski noted that two days before the vote and for the next 24 hours, no one armed came within 100 meters of the polling station, except in exceptional cases the police.

The first presidential election is scheduled for October 2, when 156 million 454 thousand 11 Brazilians will go to the polls to elect the president of the republic, governors, senators, federal, state and local deputies.

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