Lula for resuming meetings with university authorities in Brazil    Guerrilla      Guerrilla

Lula for resuming meetings with university authorities in Brazil Guerrilla Guerrilla

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva today invited all the rectors of Brazilian universities and federal institutes to a meeting at the Planalto Palace, the seat of the executive branch in this capital.

According to CNN Brasil Television, Education Minister Camilo Santana will also be present at the meeting, and the guest list includes the 70 rectors of higher education and two directors of the Federal Center for Technological Education.

Most of these agencies are members of the National Association of Leaders of the Federal Institutions of Higher Education (Andifes).

The group describes the four-year government of defeated far-right President Jair Bolsonaro as “a step backwards in education”.

His term of office was marked by various cuts in the budget of the federal educational institutions, which affected the settlement of basic bills such as electricity, temporary workers and scholarships.

In addition, a conflictual relationship between ministers and universities developed during this period. In four years there were five leaders.

In Abraham Weintraub’s administration, the former minister went so far as to accuse the campus of rioting and maintaining large-scale drug production.

The appointment aims to resume the president’s regular meetings with rectors, a practice that was common in previous terms of Lula and former President Dilma Rousseff. According to interlocutors, the agenda can become semi-annual.

On the day (January 8) of the Brasilia coup attacks, Andifes issued a note stating that “no terrorist, financier or coordinator of these criminal acts, nor those who made it possible, even by omission,” will be forgiven should.

He pointed out at the time that “acts of terrorism are intolerable, unacceptable and inexcusable”.

With calls for military intervention and rejection of Lula’s assumption of power, far-right groups supporting Bolsonaro invaded and looted the headquarters of the National Congress, the Federal Court of Justice (STF) and Planalto.

Although some supporters of the ex-military have been released, around 1,500 remain in prison and could face charges of terrorism and a coup attempt.

At the request of the public prosecutor, Bolsonaro was included in the investigation into masterminds and instigators of terrorist actions.

The inspector of public security for the federal district, Ricardo Cappelli, reiterated that the former army captain “is being investigated in all proceedings, like any Brazilian citizen, and the investigations are being pursued”.

He denounced that the ex-paratrooper had for years attacked the Supreme Court, “democratic institutions”. He insists on trying to delegitimize President Lula’s election,” he said.