Lula da Silva fires the director of public media in Brazil

Lula da Silva fires the director of public media in Brazil

The President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, dismissed by decree the management of all public media in the country after reporting on the events of 8 April in the capital.

The decree, signed on Friday, appoints journalist Kariane Costa as president of the Brazilian Communications Company (EBC), which will begin a restructuring and transition process that will last at least 30 days, the presidency said in an official statement.

Very important media such as TV Brasil, the news agency Agencia Brasil and the radio station Radio Nacional depend on this company, whose addresses were still in the hands of officials of former President Jair Bolsonaro.

For example, TV Brasil is the public broadcaster broadcasting the official events of the federal government, and Agencia Brasil is the official medium broadcasting government actions.

Only director of content and programming, Denilson Morales da Silva, remains the sole EBC careers clerk in command.

Although Costa’s appointment was the only one mentioned in the statement, it has emerged that four other women will be part of the transition team: Rita Freire, Juliana Cézar Nunes, Nicole Briones and Flávia Filipini.

Press outlets assure that the unexpected replacement at the EBC is responding to the handling of the January 8 events in Brasilia, where Bolsonaro supporters were attacked Congress, the Presidential Palace and the seat of the Federal Court of Justice to overthrow the new government of Lula da Silvawho, in his first speech as the nation’s president, called Bolsonaro’s legacy “a nightmare”.

The public media did Reporting of these eventsbut while the majority of the Brazilian press labeled Bolsonaro’s supporters as “vandals” or “coup plotters,” the public media used the term “protesters.”

The day after the three-power jump, TV Brasil news broadcast statements by Senator Flávio Bolsonaro, the former president’s son, and this was interpreted as a further provocation by politicians who are members of the ruling Workers’ Party (PT).

On Friday, Lula Da Silva personally thanked the workers “who cleaned and rebuilt the Presidential Palace in just days after the damage caused by vandals. This is a legacy of the Brazilian people, all of us,” he posted on Twitter.

Lula da Silva received 50.90% of the votes second round of voting at the end of October and surpassed Bolsonaro by more than two million ballots (60,345,825), who received 58,206,322 ballots in his favor. On January 1, he began his third term as head of the South American nation.