Lula Concludes Campaign With March In Support Of Elections In

Lula Concludes Campaign With March In Support Of Elections In Brazil

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva led the so-called Victory Walk through streets near Avenida Paulista in Sao Paulo hours before Brazil’s first round of voting today.

Thousands of supporters accompanied the Labor Party (PT) presidential candidate, who got into a truck and drove about two kilometers through the region’s streets with music and flags and shouts of “Brazil, urgent, Lula President!”

Since the electoral law prohibits rallies and events with sound from the night of September 29, the former social leader played along with the silent marches. Yesterday he went in similar processions to the cities of Salvador (Bahia State, Northeast) and Fortaleza (Ceará, Northeast).

Also in the truck were the running mate in Lula’s formula, former governor Geraldo Alckmin, the candidate for the government of São Paulo, Fernando Haddad and Márcio França, the latter running for the Senate, and the PT leader’s wife, Rosangela Silva (Janja ). , as well as other political allies.

Haddad attended an early morning press conference with foreign media at the campaign committee in Bela Vista, a central region of the capital São Paulo, and asked supporters not to participate in discussions.

“Don’t accept provocation, don’t react. If you are in an environment with a person preaching political violence, leave the room and go home. If you are at risk for your physical safety, do not mix join the discussion,” he recommended.

The walk marked the end of the election campaign heading towards the first round with an opportunity to conclude tomorrow’s consultation in which far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro, who is seeking re-election, will present himself as the main opponent.

Confident of victory, the PT filed a motion and was authorized by the São Paulo Court to use Paulista Avenue tomorrow if Lula is elected.

The former president, who has led opinion polls for months and has 50 percent of the valid vote, according to the Datafolha Institute, only has to appear and speak to the attending public if he wins the election.