Luisella Costamagna the faux pas of the companion in Today

Luisella Costamagna, the faux pas of the companion in Today is another day: Bortone silences Dario Buzzolan

Dario Buzzolan, companion of Luisella Costamagna, appears on TV for the first time and surprises everyone. As a guest of Dancing with the Stars winner Serena Bortone, she saw her boyfriend arrive at the studio on the final episode of Today is another day and was stunned. In fact, Buzzolan had never appeared on any programme, not even Milly Carlucci’s talent show, the writer had never accompanied Costamagna. To calm him down, the moderator of the Rai Talk asks him:


“So this is the first time you’ve seen Guillermo Mariotto?” Answer with a note for Dario: «Marioto? We’ve already met, we crossed paths years ago at a Gattinoni fashion show where…».

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Luisella Costamagna, the slip of the companion of Bortone

Frost in the studio «Gattinoni». Luisella Costamagna’s companion immediately understands that he has made an epic slip: «Ah, I shouldn’t have mentioned it. Then we met at a fashion show… ». And Bortone corrects him: “By a stylist”. Then we come to the topic of love: “He is my rock, I’m emotionally monogamous,” she explains enthusiastically, and he replies: “She is my sea, which is always in motion: every now and then big waves flood the rock, now and then again a gentle stillness that relaxes you, that calms you, but you always remain the stumbling block». Honey interview, with gaffe… of style. It’s time to say it.

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Who is Dario Buzzolan?

But who is Dario Buzzolan, partner of Luisella Costamagna?

Born in 1966, Dario Buzzolan was born in Turin on October 12. After graduating in theoretical philosophy in his hometown, he embarked on a career as a writer, publishing his first essay at Lindau, dedicated to horror film master George A. Romero and his classic, Night of the Living Dead. Today he is a well-known writer and a graduate in theoretical philosophy. He has published several novels including Across the Eyes, winner of the 1998 Calmino Prize, and Don’t Forget to Breathe, translated into French. And again “Our eyes dirty with earth”, finalist for the 2009 Strega Prize, “If I find the courage”, “La vita worthy” and “In truth”. He is also the author of the first Italian translation of Mark Twain’s “Following The Equator”.

But Dario Buzzolan is not the only author of theater texts and film critic for press and television. He is a film essayist and was a consultant to the Rome International Film Festival. In 2002 he was part of the official delegation of writers sent to represent Italy at the Salon du Livre in Paris and from 2004 to 2005 he was co-author and presenter of the Anni luce program on La7. From 2010 to 2017 he was also chief writer of the program Agorà and author of several television programs such as Words of the Week and Carta Bianca.

He has been with Luisella Costamagna for 33 years and their son Davide was born from their love.