Luisa Ranieri Luca Zingaretti and I have been together for

Luisa Ranieri: “Luca Zingaretti and I have been together for 17 years. A miracle”

The actress, who guest-starred on Domenica In for the fiction Lolita Lobosco, said she “reluctantly” began interpreting Montalbano: It wasn’t love at first sight between us. And on her wedding: “We’re still together but they’re all leaving: How scary”

Mara Venier’s TV lounge was needed for Luisa Ranieri to relax and share some details of her family life, usually teeth and nails protected. For goodness sake, there’s no point in expecting sensational revelations about Domenica In, but the actress – who has been married to Luca Zingaretti since 2012 – said: ‘We’re still together. It seems like a miracle because they all break up. Everyone goes. How scary”. The protagonist of the fiction Lolita Lobosco, who has since debuted with good ratings, over 6 million viewers and a 33.5% share, then spoke about her partner: “He’s very good. He’s a super present father, super cuddly, even too much, so he spoils us, we get spoiled a lot. I come from a stricter upbringing and that’s why I met love with him, a lover and I also get spoiled as if he were a father” – photo | video1 | video2

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A UNITED FAMILY – Luisa Ranieri has been linked to Luca Zingaretti since 2005. They had two daughters, Emma and Bianca, aged 12 and 9, and she tried to describe herself as a mother: “I try to be present and welcoming. In our house, the children are the focus, they and their well-being come first. My husband and I try not to match the production dates of the films we play. It’s not like you have to do all the films and then I did the best film and those are my daughters.” A happy family, but in the beginning Luca Zingaretti had to work hard. He and Luisa Ranieri met on the set of the film Kefalonia. “It was the most important film of my life – Ranieri recalls – because I met my husband. A magical encounter.” But not love at first sight: “I made him suffer. He was separated, I was very young at the time. Instead, an important story was born that continues to this day ».

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