Luis Miguel breaks social networks Fans upload a photo with

Luis Miguel breaks social networks! Fans upload a photo with the ‘sun’ and it becomes trending

The famous Mexican singer-songwriter, Luis MiguelHe showed his face again, but after a long time away from social networks, fans showed how the “sun” is doing.

This new release in which it appears Louis mycaused controversy among his fans, as many said he looked “incredibly rejuvenated,” although it’s worth noting that the young women accompanying the artist also help the photo look like four college friends.

Who accompanies Luis Miguel?

This photo was taken at one of the nightclubs in this weekend Miami and in this picture, they are not only fans of Luis Miguel, but of three well-known influencers who are currently in the city of the sun.

Is about NaizaEcuadorian singer of urban music, Agatha Asenciobloggers and Jamalat LarachInfluencer and Honduran painter who seized the moment not to miss the opportunity to have his picture taken with Luis Miguel.

Fans point out that Luis Miguel underwent facial surgery:

At just 52 years old in April, the photo of Luis Miguel caused some controversy for looking rejuvenated, and his fans suggested that the Mexican singer could have had plastic surgery since his facial skin looks flawless, with no notable wrinkles or expression lines.

But that’s not all, because he also looks slimmer from head to toe in a black outfit.

Surgical or not, the fact is that it is Louis my He reappeared with that brightness that characterizes him and, above all, very well accompanied, although it has not been revealed that the Mexican heartthrob is with any of them, so surely it is fans who have asked him for a photo since His music can be heard throughout Latin America, the United States as well as Spain and Italy. It’s not for nothing that he’s a gold, diamond and platinum winner.