Luis Guzmán follows in Raúl Juliá’s footsteps and becomes Gomez Addams

Luis Guzmán follows in Raúl Juliá’s footsteps and becomes Gomez Addams

Last Wednesday, the first images of “Wednesday” were unveiled, the series by Netflix about The Addams Family, where the teenage daughter -Wednesday Friday Addams- will be the protagonist. In the cast of the project, produced and directed by Tim Burtonthe name of the Puerto Rican actor is found Luis Guzmanwho will reprise the role of his compatriot Raúl Juliá in the 1990s, Gomez Addams.

Precisely his portrayal as the patriarch of the popular family with macabre interests and supernatural abilities was the last film Juliá shot before his death. He first played the character in 1991’s The Addams Family and returned for the 1993 sequel The Addams Family Value. Along with the winner of Golden Globe Stars like Anjelica Houston and Christopher Lloyd attended.

According to several biographies of the artist, who died on October 24, 1994, his portrayal in the saga played a major role in reinventing “Los Locos Addams” for a new generation.

Following the confirmation of Guzmán as a supporting character in the “spin-off”, some fans of the legendary story have started comparing him to his compatriot. Although the two Puerto Rican actors bear no physical resemblance, many say that Hernández is the performer on the series “Oz.” HBO it looks like in the original movie.

“I love Raúl Julia’s version but he stays true to the original comics here,” wrote one follower on Instagram.

“Gomez looks like he did in the original cartoon again. If you don’t think Luis Guzmán is good (we see it in the replies), that’s your problem.” wrote one Twitter user.

Another fan asserted that “boring haters” would appear in the cast after Guzmán’s announcement.

About “Wednesday”

As its title suggests, the series will tell a passage from the life of the eponymous character, Wednesday, Friday, Addams’ teenage years at Nevermore Academy. The brief synopsis Netflix suggested reads as follows: “This series is a detective-mystery infused with supernatural elements over Wednesday’s years as a student. It follows Wednesday’s attempts to harness his young psychic abilities, stop a monstrous murder spree that has been terrorizing the city, and solve the paranormal mystery his parents became involved in 25 years ago.. And all while managing his new — and very complicated — relationships.”

Jenna Ortega, also of Puerto Rican descent, will carry the entire weight of the series on his shoulders. Followers of Netflix productions could see her in the role of “Ellie”, one of the characters from “You”. Next to the young woman will be Catherine Zeta Jones in the role of Morticia Y Christina Ricci, who played the teenage daughter in the 1990 saga, will have a special role.

More from Guzman

The Puerto Rican actor has specialized in supporting roles with key titles in his film studies including Traffic, Trapped by his past, The Count of Monte Cristo’s Revenge and Embriagado de amor. Wednesday would not be his first project with Netflix as he has appeared in Narcos and in the film Sandy Wexler with Adam Sandler.