Luciano Huck delivers on his sons mistake in voting First

Luciano Huck delivers on his son’s mistake in voting: “First time voter”

Joaquim, the presenter’s eldest son with Angélica, confused the queue and only realized it after 40 minutes

Reproduction/Instagram/lucianohuckJoaquim with Luciano Huck
Joaquim is the eldest son of Luciano Huck and Angélica.

The host Luciano Huck said that the eldest son JoaquimHe was confused when he went to vote for the first time this Sunday 2nd. The young man was accompanied by his father to the voting area where they are voting in Rio de Janeiro. “It was the first time I voted with my son. My 17yearold son Joaquim voted for the first time. It was me and him. First voter, he was in the wrong row,” said the moderator on “Domingão” with a laugh. Huck spoke to Joaquim on WhatsApp and said the young man declared: “Dad, my line is huge”. The presenter’s husband angelica He said he replied, “Okay, son, that’s it”. However, after 40 minutes, Joaquim realized he was on the wrong line and messaged his father to warn him. “Is that so. First time voters, these things happen,” commented the communicator who chatted with him live Dea Lucia Vieira Amaralthe actor’s mother Paul Gustavoand with the actor Luis Lobianco. Huck asked the guests if they had waited in line to vote. Déa said that she stayed more than half an hour: “I went a little ahead because there are some [fila preferencial para] the older ones”. Lobianco said he was only in line for about 20 minutes.