1664763325 Luciano Huck delivers on his sons mistake in the elections

Luciano Huck delivers on his son’s mistake in the elections: "First trip" On the screen

Luciano Huck delivered a failure of the eldest son Joaquim in the 2022 elections. At 17, the presenter’s son and Angélica voted for the first time accompanied by his parents. Airing on Globo this Sunday (2), the communicator revealed the teenager made a mistake when voting.

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“It was the first time I voted with my son. My 17yearold son Joaquim voted for the first time. We both went to vote. As a firsttime voter, he was on the wrong line,” said Luciano Huck on Sunday. He added that he knew about the boy’s slipup because the two chatted on WhatsApp.

“He told me, ‘Dad, my line is huge.’ I said, ‘Okay son. Is that so’. After 40 minutes he said: “Oh, I’m in the wrong row”. That’s it, isn’t it? These things happen with firsttime voters.”´

Luciano Huck

The report was shared with actor Luis Lobianco and Déa Lucia, mother of Paulo Gustavo (19782021). The two also reported problems reconciling with long queues. Both went to vote before heading to Globo Studios to attend Domingão. “I went ahead a bit, stayed in line with the older people,” she said.

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Luciano Huck and Angélica are also parents to Benício and Eva. At the age of 14 or 10 they are not yet entitled to vote.

Last weekend, Luciano Huck ended Domingão’s breach of protocol at Globo. The moderator spoke about the importance of finding candidates and taking part in elections. Angelica’s husband demanded that no matter what the difficulties, people should not neglect their civic duties.

Angelica showed her support for Lula this week


Angelica took to social media on Tuesday (27) to comment on the implications of a statement she made to Marie Claire magazine. The blonde explained that she has “great decisionmaking difficulties” as President of the Republic, but she has already decided her election.

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The moderator stressed via Twitter that the statement was made a month ago, but acknowledged the difficulty in deciding on the new president. “It’s worth noting that at no time did I think about voting for the current president. Finally, I decided to vote for Lula,” he summarized, discarding support for Jair Bolsonaro.

Throughout the interview, Angélica said that her banner was that of democracy. “Someone who cares, who takes care of our forest. Someone who talks about love not hate, who cares about people’s sanity,” he added.

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For her, politics is the “only way to solve people’s situation,” but she no longer sees that. “We’re seeing a struggle for power, a fla x flu, something that can’t be, shouldn’t be,” he continued.