1672691292 Luciano Camargos son announces becoming a father Best gift

Luciano Camargo’s son announces becoming a father: “Best gift”

The Camargo family will grow! Last Sunday, January 1st, Nathan Camargoson of Luciano, announced together with his wife, Isabella Camarowho is going to be a father for the first time!

“The best gift that God could give us! Thank you Heavenly Father for honoring us every second! May our Camarguinho come healthy and warmed by our love! “, They write.

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“I can’t take it… live!!! Gloria Deus,” Luciano celebrated.

In the comments, followers expressed their delight at the news: “May this new addition to the Camargo family be in good health!”; “Oh, how lucky, I feel part of this family”; “Nothing is better than a new baby to renew the energy of the family”.


Zezé di Camargo attended the Faustão na Band program last Friday, December 23, revealing his years of musical partnership with his brother Lucian come to an end.

However, the singer said the two will continue to do special shows together but that they won’t be releasing anything new musically.

“A lot of people don’t understand this situation and I think it’s super understandable. I’m at a point in my life with my brother where we don’t have anything to do musically anymore. What we built is there,” he explained.

Now Zezé brings everything with his solo project “Rústico”: “Today we do special events, shows together (…) and now on January 14th I debut my show Rústico here in São Paulo. Today, Zezé di Camargo is the guy who takes to the streets”.

“People have to be willing to reinvent themselves every day, it doesn’t overwhelm anyone but it brings things that bring new thinking, renewal and energy to what they do. Rústico nourished my soul,” Zezé concluded excitedly.

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Luciano Camargos son announces becoming a father Best gift

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