Luciano Camargo despises son and granddaughter, and wife confirms he never looked for her: “Nenhum oi”

Luciano Camargo despises son and granddaughter, and wife confirms he never looked for her: “Nenhum oi”

According to Cleo Loyola, the singer hasn’t searched for an heiress in years

Luciano Camargo became one of the greatest sertanejos in Brazil through the duo with his brother, Zeze. He has also handled quite a few scandals over the years due to the limelight thrown at him.

That’s because the singer was always embarrassed by his ex, Cleo Loyola. The two are parents Wesley Camargo, that I have no close relationship with the Patriarch.

Last Thursday, the 18th, the woman opened up about the two’s relationship again by opening a question and answer box on Instagram.

“Has Wesley’s father spoken to him again?” asked one netizen. sincerely, Cleo Loyola revealed Luciano Camargo’s disdain for Wesley.

According to the woman The singer ignored his own heir for five years and even his 10yearold granddaughter.

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Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano (Photo: Deividi Correa)

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Luciano Camargo

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“Not going back! Not with him and even less with my granddaughter who is only 10 years old. I think this story is about five years old,” Cleo Loyola began.


Afterwards, the artist admitted that Zezé Di Camargo’s brother doesn’t even look for them: “He didn’t send a hello”.

In addition, another netizen questioned why Luciano Camargo did not search for the heir.

Cleo Loyola said she doesn’t know why. “Well, I guess that’s a question you have to ask him, right? Because then he can answer better, I’m not him! You’ll know why, won’t you?” she scoffed at the singer.

Cleo Loyola, Luciano Camargo and Wesley Camargo (reproduction) Cleo Loyola, Luciano Camargo and Wesley Camargo (reproduction)


On the other hand, Luciano Camargo maintains a great relationship due to his past relationship with Nathan Camargo Mariana Costa.

The singer repeatedly shows his love for the heir on social media, including last Tuesday, April 16.

On this occasion, Nathan Camargo completed another year of life. “It’s his day!!!! My beloved son, man of my life,” began Luciano Camargo, who continued:

“Nathan, to all of us who love you, you are what your name means: ‘Gift of God.’ And I turn to him in prayer and ask and thank you for your life. happy birthday my son I love you!!!” said the singer.

Luciano Camargo According to the singer, Nathan Camargo is the man of his life (reproduction)

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