Luciana Littizzetto, how much does she earn in Rai?  The number is staggering

Luciana Littizzetto, how much does she earn in Rai? The number is staggering

Lucina Littizzetto is one of the most famous names in the Rai house, but do you know how much it takes? His salary is really amazing: That’s how much he earns per season.

He’s one of the most popular and irreverent characters on television, capable of drawing the public’s attention at the same time for his comical and intense monologues. For “mamma Rai” and for Fabio Fazio he is a fundamental presence, as we saw when he took part in the Italian Song Festival. But many want to know what its seal of approval is: let’s go find out.

Luciana Littizzetto how much does she earn in Rai The

Luciana Littizzetto is an audience face who has been considered the protagonist of Che tempo che fa for years, where her interventions are always marked by that subtle and intelligent irony. But as is often the case with so many characters in the entertainment world, the public is interested, too salary from each of these. And the comic is certainly not excluded.

Before looking at what her earnings are per season, let’s stress that there was a series of controversy surrounding her in the 2013 and 2014 editions of the Sanremo Festival, which she co-chaired with Fabio Fazio seal of approval. A controversy that lives, however, in all editions of the musical event, where the protagonists are always under the watchful eyes of the public.

Salary of Luciana Littizzetto: This is how much she earns per season at Rai

Luciana Littizzetto is an established face at Rai, where she has been a regular presence at Che tempo che fa for many years alongside Fabio Fazio, whose salary has often been disputed. With the conductor he forms a perfect television couple. As for the income he receives within the company, we can say that it is a really important figure.

As the Donna Glamor portal reports, Luciana earns around 800,000 euros per season. A high number, and that’s just for his presence on the talk show Rai Tre, which was moved to Rai Uno for a few seasons. To this total we must also add the extras and other work both at Rai’s home and elsewhere.

We remember that Littizzetto directed the Italian Song Festival for two editions, which is roughly where his fee would have been 350,000 euros, as read on the portal Read it. To this we must also add that the comedian has also participated in some television shows such as B. Post for you, where it has certainly received a seal of approval.

Luciana will soon be part of the cast of Dinner Club, a new show on Prime Video in which she will take part alongside other familiar faces of the small screen. Contestants’ seals of approval haven’t surfaced yet, but they certainly don’t come cheap given the streaming platform.