Luciana Gimenez says Mick Jagger offered her help after crash

Luciana Gimenez says Mick Jagger offered her help after crash


Photo: Instagram/Luciana Gimenez / Modern Popcorn

Host Luciana Gimenez said Mick Jagger immediately contacted her to offer her help after she suffered a skiing accident in Aspen, United States, on Jan. 7.

“Mick got in touch right away and asked if he could help in any way if I needed anything. As is his girlfriend Mel (dancer Melanie Hamrick, mother of Jagger’s youngest son Deveraux),” the Brazilian told the Chron newspaper. .

In an interview with the English newspaper, she also said that her eldest son’s father, Lucas Jagger, always made her feel like part of his “extended family”.

Luciana also praised the help she received from her boyfriend, businessman Renato Breia.

“I hate it! I’m such an independent person. I hate relying on other people like that, but Renato was amazing. I know I’m lucky to have people like that around me,” he said.

The “Superpop” presenter broke her left leg in the skiing accident and had to undergo emergency surgery.

In recent publications, she said she is in a wheelchair and still feels a lot of pain from the procedure.

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