Luca Onestini’s outburst after Brazilian dinner    Big Brother VIP |  GFVIP 7    Big Brother

Luca Onestini’s outburst after Brazilian dinner Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

Finished and wrapped up the Brazilian dinner discussion with Nikita, Onestini goes out on the porch to have fun with his friends.

The tenants, curious how it went, listen carefully to what he has to say.

The VIP says he didn’t work it out with Nikita. According to him, the girl did not hit the point. She forced a laugh to avoid looking at him.

The model begged his forgiveness, but when Onestini asked her the reasons behind the apology, the VIP made a silent scene. He doesn’t like vague and general words, nor does he want to be accused of hurting them.

He hadn’t expected to be one of the guests and didn’t refuse, wanting to know what the woman from Trieste had to tell him, but reluctantly realizing that the model couldn’t say anything concrete.

He intervenes Edward: In his opinion, Onestini exaggerates a little, there is no need to build a wall between him and Nikita.

The VIP immediately replies that he didn’t put a barrier between himself and the girl, otherwise he wouldn’t even have accepted the dinner. Instead, he left because he thought she was going to have a fight. In fact, she wasn’t even able to explain what she was apologizing for.

Likewise Milena she tries to speak up and gives the boy a hint. Maybe he could ask Nikita for an explanation and direct her to find the excuses she’s looking for.

Onestini doesn’t agree, he doesn’t want to put foreign words into her mouth because then they would hardly be heard. Dissatisfied with how things went, the VIP continues to talk to his friends, listening to opinions and opinions, but unable to change his mind about how things went.

No matter how hard they try to sort things out, Nikita and Onestini in no way overcome their mutual animosity and any attempt at reconciliation is in vain.