1674626539 Luca Onestini against Giulia Salemi Girlfriend of Soleil she only

Luca Onestini against Giulia Salemi: “Girlfriend of Soleil, she only reads negative tweets about me”

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

The tenant of the GF Vip attacked Giulia Salemi and denied the treatment reserved for him in the usual space of reading tweets. Onestini stressed that Salemi is friends with Soleil Sorge, his former partner: “In my opinion, she chooses the tweets! No, the authors don’t choose them!”.

Luca Onestini against Giulia Salemi Girlfriend of Soleil she only

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

The novelty of the GF Vip of this edition is certainly the entrance of Julia Salem in the program team. He entrusted the former tenant Alfonso Signorini with the job of network watchman during the evenings. A role that also seems to give the house a tummy ache as it happened Luke Onestini, who just a few hours after the end of the episode on Monday, January 23, let off steam with his travel companions at night. Onestini defined Salemi’s selection of tweets as impartial and stated that from his point of view, at least as far as he was concerned, he tended to only read negative tweets against him.

The attack on Giulia Salemi and the bond with Soleil

In addition, Onestini adds another interpretation related to the relationship between Giulia Salemi and her ex None, from his point of view closely linked to a friendship: “After all, this thing with such superimposed tweets is not exactly fair – said the competitor – ​​when you think about it, there is only one who chooses everything. Always in a certain way. Maybe they show three tweets of one kind and then there are three million saying something else. For example, they show negative things about me or nothing at all. Often they don’t show me anything.” And then he added: “Also, Giulia is a friend of Soleil, my ex, and that’s obvious. In my opinion the tweets are chosen by her! No, the authors do not choose them! What else is there to do? She chooses them.”

The difference to the Spanish GF

At the moment there is no answer from Giulia Salemi, but in describing this peculiarity of the program, she also made the difference with the Spanish edition in which she took part last year: “In the reality show that I did in Spain, it was a bit different in approach. Even in Spain they only showed me negative things and they said to me “well, but we only show two tweets each.” Yes and I replied “but why are the others showing a good one and a bad one.” Yes, because in Spain they were showing they each have two tweets, one positive and one negative. That would be fair and objective.”