Luan Santana loses control, sends a supposed message to Zé Felipe and finally takes over: "What I do”  TV Focus

Luan Santana loses control, sends a supposed message to Zé Felipe and finally takes over: "What I do” TV Focus

Luan Santana sent an alleged detour to Zé Felipe

Luan Santana came back with everything with a musical project ready to compete directly with Buteco, Cabaré, Garota VIP, among others. Finally, during a press conference to talk about the new challenge, the singer has bugged some artists who make music and think about going viral on TikTok.

You must see a message from Luan Santana as a great detour for Zé Felipe. It turns out that Virgínia Fonseca’s husband released his latest songs with the audience of this digital platform in mind. In fact, the singer managed to get several and several hits and began to have one of the most expensive fees in Brazil.

“I never make music when I think of TikTok, I think if you go there it’s because you went and it’s ok. Now I’m doing a titi tutu song just to remember that TiTok’s choreography limits its inspiration too much and doesn’t fit what I’m doing,” said Luan Santana, who preferred not to name.

However, netizens soon came to the conclusion that the singer’s message was for Zé Felipe. By the way, this isn’t the first time Luan Santana has expressed this opinion. During an interview with Léo Dias from Metrópoles, the singer had already sparked this kind of attitude and surprised with his bold speech.

“Artists these days have to be very careful if I can say anything with my little experience. I think artists can’t make songs from now on, retire from their careers and say, ‘It’s just turning on TikTok, I’m going to make songs just for TikTok,’ Luan Santana would have said at the time.

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“Songs designed to have choreography so they go viral on TikTok because I don’t think anything forced works man! I think more and more people in the world we live in need to work with the truth,” said Luan Santana. By the way, the singer’s speech was taken as a message for Zé Felipe.

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