Luan Santana ended his romance with his girlfriend and left

Luan Santana ended his romance with his girlfriend and left the country with an outburst of disrepute: "i wanted to talk"

Luan Santana commented on the end of romance with Jade after 12 years

One of the most shocking endings was when Luan Santana and Jade Magellan announced the end of their relationship after 12 years together and an engagement. Today the singer is already in another relationship, but he cherishes the years with his exlover.

Speaking to Pure People, he said he’s with his ex, but the two haven’t been in touch. “I don’t talk to her, but I wanted to. But she’s really scared, especially on her part,” Luan Santana explained. In an interview with Leo Dias, the compatriot explained why he continued to follow his ex after the end.

“I follow her on Instagram, I follow what she’s doing. I don’t talk to her, but I wanted to. I would have no problem finding, talking. But the thing is, she’s scared, especially on her part. But the moment that she’s there now has put me at ease,” he said.

The singer Luan Santana and Jade Magalhães  Photo: ReproductionThe singer Luan Santana and Jade Magalhães Photo: Reproduction

For those who don’t know, Luan Santana met Jade when he was just 16 years old. “You can imagine the affection I have for her that has done all of this for me. And we’ve seen beautiful things, had wonderful experiences, we’ve gone to wonderful places. This text I posted when we were done was very real because we experienced a rich history. And I’m sure she has a lot of affection for all of that, too,” he commented.


When they had the final call to end the relationship, Luan Santana said he tearfully declared his love to his ex. “It’s been a very difficult time, very complicated, but if you ask me why, I can’t say why things have faded in the face of so many good things that we’ve experienced,” he said. Today, Jade lives a little further from the limelight and the singer remains active on social media.

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